Consulting & Other Services

Expert advice and services to help you grow internationally while mitigating risks

If you wish to initiate or expand your presence in global markets, World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara can help. Our staff and international network provide invaluable services, including:

  • Global and U.S. economic risk analysis
  • Global strategic planning
  • Foreign market research, entry strategies and competitive analysis
  • Export business development and execution
  • Importing and global sourcing
  • Foreign and U.S. government product approvals and compliance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Site selection
  • Improving foreign operations management
  • Funding and investment attraction
  • Public affairs and advocacy efforts
  • Participation in our members-only Manufacturers International Roundtable discussion group
  • Introductions to trade resources, including custom brokers and trade finance professionals.


Simply by becoming a member of World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara, you will receive up to 10 hours of complimentary trade consulting services. After that, matching funds may reduce your consulting fees by half. These complimentary and discounted rates are a major benefit when you become a member of World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara.