International Marketing

Low Cost Market Entry helps you reach international audiences

Low Cost Market Entry is the first step in your efforts to increase your exports and expand into foreign markets. The package is aimed at helping you increase your visibility among prospective international customers using the internet, for less than the cost of an international business trip.

There are four main components to our Low Cost Market Entry package:

  1. Language
    We help you distill your essential product message for foreign buyers, create micro-site versions of your website in at least three languages and register your site with foreign search engines.
  2. International Search Optimization
    You want your site to rise in search engine rankings worldwide. We will help you research, define and refine the keywords and phrases your customers are likely to use. Then, we will work with you to populate your website with these keywords.
  3. Database Listings
    Make it even easier for your international customers to find you. We help you update the directories you are already listed in (with language specific to your target markets), and identify other databases where you should be listed.
  4. Online Marketing
    Search engines such as Google can help you reach your target audience in a very efficient and targeted manner. We can initiate a basic online advertising campaign that can help raise awareness and drive traffic to your site, using online ads triggered by keyword search results.


In most cases, matching funds can help reduce the Low Cost Market Entry package price to a very reasonable investment. Directory listing and online advertising fees are additional.


For more information about our Low Cost Market Entry package and other consulting services, please call toll free 1-877-WTC-INTL (982-4685) or email