Emerging Risk Landscape

Our Emerging Risk Landscape consulting service delves into issues that can significantly impact a company's performance well into the future. And its interactive roundtable discussion format helps organizations in their strategic planning and budgeting process.


Why is this consulting service so valuable? Executives and managers often make extremely important decisions based on misinformation or a misunderstanding of risks, trends and events. In John Manzella's Emerging Risk Landscape consulting sessions, he cuts through the clutter, connects the dots so you can better understand what has occurred, and peers into the chain reactions of what's unfolding so you may more accurately grasp what lies ahead — and prepare for it. His insight and analysis help executives and managers improve their decision-making capabilities and develop more successful strategies.

Topics discussed may include:

  • Critical trends impacting the U.S. and global economy.

  • The Trump effect.

  • Forces affecting manufacturing and its direction.

  • Currency risks, Brexit and today's new realities.

  • Real unemployment and the worsening skills crisis.

  • Dysfunctional political environment and its effect.

  • Hidden risks and the impact of an increasingly aggressive China.

  • American energy revolution and ramifications for the U.S. and world.

  • Technology trends and their impact on business and workers.

  • Global integration trends and their consequences.

  • Demographic shifts and what can be learned.

  • Shifting investment trends and their influence on site selection and backshoring.

  • New trade agreement risks and opportunities.


Consulting session length of time and depth is contingent on client needs and interests. (Also see our on-site presentations).