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John Manzella, WTCBN President and CEO, is a world-recognized author and speaker on global business, competitive strategies and the latest economic trends.


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John Manzella is a world-recognized speaker on global business, competitive strategies and the latest economic trends. His valuable insight, analysis and strategic direction have been vital to many of the world's largest corporations and associations preparing for the business, economic and political challenges ahead.

John has written hundreds of articles and several books, including Global America: Understanding Global and Economic Trends and How To Ensure Competitiveness, Grasping Globalization: It's Impact and Your Corporate Response, and Mexico & NAFTA: The Real Impact. His op-eds have been nationally syndicated and his views have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg, Buffalo News, NPR, Xinhua (China), La Jornada (Mexico) and Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore). Additionally, John is a contributing writer for American City Business Journals, owner of 43 metropolitan weekly publications.

John also is chair of the Upstate New York District Export Council, a position appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce. In addition, he is founder of both the ManzellaReport.com, a premier source for global business and economic news and analysis, and Manzella Trade Communications Inc., a public affairs, publishing and consulting firm.



For additional short video clips, see All Business Is Global and The Challenges Ahead




The Trump Revolution: Realities and Ripple Effect

New risks and opportunities are forcing companies to reassess trading relationships, investments, site selection decisions, and backshoring options. Plus, heightened levels of uncertainty and possible impeachment are adding greater volatility. This engaging program analyzes the positions of President Trump with a focus on economic growth, international trade, corporate taxes, protectionism, NAFTA, China, and immigration, and provides insight on connections between globalization, Brexit, and automation. Additionally, this program offers strategies to better navigate the waters ahead.


Expand Internationally, Grow, Adapt or Die

Markets outside the United States represent 80 percent of global purchasing power and 92 percent of economic growth. In turn, companies must expand internationally. Plus, new destructive technologies and hyper competition are forcing producers to delve deeper into their core competencies and become more innovative. But many obstacles exist. This thought-provoking program peers into the chain reactions of what's unfolding and reveals domestic and global risks so audiences can make better-informed decisions and develop more successful strategies.


Economic Trends, Critical Issues and What's Ahead

Economic trends, critical issues, and policy positions advanced by President Trump are impacting the U.S. and world economy, international business, the labor force, manufacturing, and corporate competitiveness. Combined with Brexit, new destructive technologies, the American energy revolution, China rising, and greater levels of volatility, these issues are shaping our future. What does this mean to the United States and your business? This invaluable program answers many questions, reveals global dangers, forecasts what's ahead, and provides analysis to help business professionals reduce risks.


China Rising: How To Prepare for What's Ahead

U.S.-Chinese trade and investment continues to climb. Yet, various aspects of the relationship grow more contentious. Many issues, including volatility, trade distortions and Chinese actions in the South China Sea, add complexity. How will the changing relationship impact business? This stimulating and insightful program separates myth from reality, offers strategies for corporations doing business in China, and analyzes issues causing friction, the emerging bilateral political and economic landscape, and what's ahead for President Xi Jinping.


Presentation and workshop length of time and depth is contingent on client needs and interests. (Also see our Emerging Risk Landscape).



"John is an extremely insightful and dynamic speaker. He eloquently provided his thought leadership around current economic and global trends in a way that truly resonated with the audience. It was a privilege and an honor to have John as our guest speaker." — Catherine Dumont, High Tech Marketing Manager Northeast District, UPS


"We have scheduled John to present to several of our clients. He provides useful, intelligent and insightful economic and policy information. And it's delivered in a way that shows the impact to business and is understandable. Members have enjoyed John's material and have indicated that they would like to hear more. I encourage other organizations to schedule John to present at their meetings; your members will find value in the presentation." — Craig Addington, Senior Vice President, Thomas Associates, Inc.


"John's many years of experience in the area of global economics, business and policy provided a fresh and insightful perspective on today's international marketplace. Any organization with global aspirations should spend some time working with John as it will be time well spent!" — Bill Iannarelli, Director, Freed Maxick CPAs


"John Manzella provided an enlightening speech on the complexities of global business, various economic issues and their impact. The subject was narrated in an easy to understand, compelling and entertaining manner that kept the audience on the edge of their chairs. We are looking forward to having John speak to us again soon." — Ann Demopoulos, Twentieth Century Club


"John's presentation on global trends, critical business issues and survival strategies at our Trade Fest was both insightful and engaging. Based on data he cited, it was evident John did his homework. He was extremely well prepared and is indeed an expert in the field of international business. We will ask him to return to speak at our Trade Fest next year." — Gar Grannell, President and CEO, Mohawk Global Logistics


"John's presentation was most informative and enlightening. He kept the audience on the edge of their chairs. This was John's second engagement with us in two years. We need to bring him back every year." — Marvin Easton, Program Director, International Men's Club of America


"John's recent presentation provided valuable insights into understanding global economic trends in the US. He takes a complex topic and articulates it in a format that is engaging and easy to follow."— Tricia Gabberty, Senior Vice President and Regional Head of Marketing, North America, HSBC Bank

"John's presentation on international economic trends at our client seminar was very informative and professionally delivered. We received great feedback from our clients after the seminar. Thank you, John!" — Jim Barger, Commercial Banking Manager and SVP, Key Bank


"As this year’s returning speaker of the Economic Forecast held by the Phoenix Business Journal and SRP, John Manzella has made a name for himself here in Phoenix. He delivered great content and certainly understands global business, economics and China trade. The comments I received after the event were tremendous. He connected with our audience and clearly captured their attention. A special thanks to John for making this event extremely successful two years in a row." — Haley Metcalf, Event Manager, the Phoenix Business Journal


"John is an excellent speaker who understands global trends and U.S.-China trade very well. His insight on how U.S. Members of Congress operate is extremely informative and thought provoking to stakeholders of international business." — Intan Chen, Director, Executive MBA Program Asia, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business


"John's presentation on the events and trends inside China and his forecasts for the near term provided a range of valuable insights for the audience at the 2015 Chief Housewares Executive Super Session sponsored by the International Housewares Association. His very professional presentation was followed by a lively Q&A which he fielded also like a pro." — Dan Raftery, Facilitator, International Housewares Association


"John Manzella has been providing great information and insights on global trends to our employees and customers. One hundred percent of attendees rated his sessions "Excellent" (79%) or "Very good" (21%). Fifth Third Bank is thrilled to work with John for our international thought leadership efforts." — Peter Mack, Senior Vice President, Director of International Banking, Fifth Third Bank


"As our keynote speaker on World Trade Day, John Manzella gave a brilliant presentation based on his extensive research and understanding of global trends, trade legislation and political realities. He has my highest recommendation." — Thomas S. Norwalk, board member, International Trade Association of Southwest Ohio


"SRP has been the presenting sponsor of the Phoenix Business Journal Economic Forecast breakfast for over 10 years. We have had various keynote speakers, but none were as impactful, engaging and relevant as John Manzella. Our commercial customers look forward to this event every year and have high expectations for the speakers we provide. John exceeded those expectations in every way and was a major contributor in making this the most successful breakfast yet." — Anne Richard, Senior Marketing Strategist, SRP


"John Manzella’s extensive research brought keen insight and fresh perspectives to understanding the complex global economy. His lively presentation was at once entertaining and thought-provoking: exactly what we were looking for!" — Richard Paullin, Executive Director, International Trade Association of Greater Chicago


"John’s keynote and remarks about the positive American economic outlook and the premium on knowledge as the only strategic, competitive advantage were inspiring. We’ve worked with John for over 15 years and find him to be a valuable business partner." — John Rowney, Divisional President, Ocean Marine Division, Great American Insurance Group


"John's presentation at our International Home & Housewares Association meeting was very on point. With the ever changing environment and issues in China, John brought some very key and thought provoking points of view to our group. These points and thoughts caused all of us to pause and reflect on where we are and what the future holds." — James L. Glenn, President and CEO, Household Essentials, LLC


"Your keynote presentation confronted the brutal facts and provided insight on the trade deficit, business trends and global manufacturing. Registrants described your presentation as a home run!" — Hazel J. Pankey, Director of Conference Programs, Industrial Asset Management Council


"The audience was immediately struck by John Manzella's breadth and depth of knowledge, especially on the state of the world economy, developments in the United States, and trends in the Asia-Pacific region. We would love to have him back again." — Liang Fook, Assistant Director and Research Fellow, East Asia Institute


"Members of the International Men's Club of America, which include many successful business leaders and professionals, are privileged to see some of the finest and most distinguished speakers at our monthly luncheon series here in Naples, Florida. John Manzella's recent speech was considered by some of our members as one of the finest presentations sponsored by the club. We are looking forward to having John speak again next year." — Mark Dines, Director at Large, International Men's Club of America


"John Manzella’s presentation to an audience of more than 700 at our annual Economic Forecast in Phoenix was extremely well received. John’s command of the material was very impressive and many who attended commented that he was one of the best speakers we’d had in some time. I would recommend John highly for any business or organization looking for a qualified speaker with excellent presentation skills that keeps the audience interested and engaged." — Ray Schey, Publisher, Phoenix Business Journal


"John's thought-provoking presentation and distillation of trends to their essence was a perfect companion to our Global Hospitality EXPO. His insights into both current and future global trends equipped our attendees to provide solutions that will have greater impact on the decision-making process." — Karl Baker, Senior Vice President, American Hotel Register


"For an audience of industry professionals, many who have worked in China for years, John helped bring a much clearer picture of China’s near and longer term impact on their businesses. We will reach out to John in the future as his predictions and analyses play out for this very volatile but integral part of our industry’s supply chain." — Perry Reynolds, Vice President of Global Trade Development, International Housewares Association


"John's deep knowledge-base and thoughtful presentational style causes his audience to lean in, to consider, and to walk away with a broader sense of the world community. Participants, young and old, have a new lens with which to view the world community as a result of their time with John!" — Larry J. Leaven, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Sweet Home Central School District


"Our attendees found your presentation outstanding and packed with insight. It was obvious that you are in the know on the pressing issues making headlines across the world. I can categorically say that you gave the most outstanding presentation I have heard in my history of involvement with the conference." — Theodora von Hohenstaufen Noll, Virginia Economic Development Partnership


"You deeply understand U.S.-Chinese relations and we thank you for your brilliant analysis." — Zhang Yuanpeng, Director and Research Fellow, Institute of World Economy, Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences


"John gave an excellent, engaging and in-depth talk on the current and pressing issues facing global enterprises. The feed back from our member organizations in attendance was extremely positive. Special thanks, John!" — Carl Diem, President, CDI International


"Thank you John for your wonderful presentation. You were absolutely outstanding! We were very fortunate to have you as our keynote speaker." — Barbara Saieva, President, Buffalo World Trade Association


"John presented a very insightful and in-depth analysis of U.S.-China relations. I look forward to hearing another insightful presentation in the future." — Sharleen Leong Meilin, Director, Wee Kim Wee Centre, Singapore Management University


"John brings deep knowledge and keen insight into the dynamic nature of today's global marketplace. As an educator, he helps us reflect on our role as educators in preparing young people to take their place in this rapidly changing world." — Anthony J. Day, Superintendent, Sweet Home School District


"John's presentation on global and economic trends given to International Marketing students at Buffalo State College was outstanding. The students were thoroughly engaged in his lecture, especially with his expertise in China." — Mary Ann Zylka, Adjunct Faculty/Business Administration Department, Buffalo State College


"John shared key lessons on how to conduct effective advocacy. As the voice of the Singapore business community, we appreciate his insights and useful learning points." — Martin Yuoon, Assistant Executive Director, Singapore Business Federation


"It was great to have you back for another excellent presentation. Your China analysis was very insightful and certainly stimulated the audience's thinking. Your previous presentation was a very informative and factual portrayal of what is really happening with globalization and its impact on corporations. Great job!" — Jim Ireton, Managing Director, MVITA


"The audience loved your speech! Your grip on trade and globalization and its misperceptions is truly enlightening. And your explanation of trade's benefits needs to be heard and understood by all." — Tim Nowak, Executive Director, World Trade Center Saint Louis


"Your surgical analysis of globalization, outsourcing and related issues was extremely enlightening and must be told to help all understand the need for America to get in the game and compete on the world stage. Well done!" — Dick Rush, President & CEO, The State Chamber of Oklahoma


"Although several months have passed, many of my members often mention your outstanding and insightful presentation. You did a wonderful job transmitting pertinent and factual information while at the same time entertaining the audience with personal interest stories." — Barbara Travis, Executive Director, Mississippi World Trade Center


"John Manzella’s recent speech exceeded our most optimistic expectations. Our members were very impressed with his extensive knowledge and insight of international commerce, global politics, manufacturing, trade, and China. Manzella is a polished speaker who captured our attention and left us better educated." — Jack F. Nicholson, Program Director, Men’s Club of America


"John’s presentation was very informative, relevant and well done. While the topic was complex, he put it in terms the audience easily grasped. John’s analysis of past events and forecasts were provided in a practical way that enabled our audience to leverage the information, make better informed decisions and prepare for what’s down the road. Easily one of the best speakers I have had the privilege of hearing. I highly recommend his seminars and latest book." — Al Testa, Vice President, APICS Buffalo Chapter