Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should we join World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara?
    If your organization is involved with international trade on the import or export side -then you will likely benefit from our consulting services, training seminars, networking events, and valuable member discounts. We can help you initiate international business, expand into new markets, and grow through international trade. 
  2. Who are your other members?
    The region's most recognizable companies are members of World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara; you can see a full list of our members in our Member Directory. To learn more about why these companies choose to join our organization, please take a moment to read some of our Member Testimonials. 
  3. What exactly is World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara?
    We are a non-profit, international business development organization that helps companies grow beyond their domestic markets. We connect businesses, people and resources from Western New York, Southern Ontario, the Southern Tier, the Finger Lakes region, Rochester and Syracuse with the larger international trade community. Our global network includes over 330 World Trade Centers in 90 countries. 
  4. How will we save money by joining?
    Our members receive a variety of discounts and savings that can easily offset the cost of your membership. These savings include:

    Complimentary services - new members receive up to 10 hours of trade counseling services, depending on their membership level. Access to the International Trade Hotline is also complimentary for members, allowing you to call our in-house trade experts for fast, reliable answers to your questions about exporting and importing. 
    Member pricing - available for select networking events, training programs, seminars and consulting services. 
    Discounts - our members receive valuable discounts on various products and services that are essential to international trade. 
    Matching funds - can help reduce the cost of consulting services (including our Low Cost Market Entry package
  5. Are there any networking opportunities? 
    Yes. World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara hosts numerous events and seminars that attract like-minded businesspeople from throughout Western New York and Southern Ontario. 
  6. What reciprocal benefits will my organization receive?
    Members receive reciprocal benefits with other World Trade Centers around the globe. Simply let us know when you are going on a business trip, and we can help you access more of your benefits. 
  7. Can you help us export?
    Yes. As part of our business consulting services, we can offer our Export Toolkit and other services that will show you how to navigate the exporting process. 
  8. Can we mention our membership in marketing and public relations materials?
    Absolutely. You can promote the fact that you are a member of World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara on your website, in brochures, in press releases, and in any other materials you produce. 
  9. How many referrals will our organization receive from other World Trade Center members?
    In addition to local members, the World Trade Center network includes members of 330 World Trade Centers in 90 countries. We encourage our members to refer business to other members (and vice versa), and many people cite referrals as a major benefit of joining World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara. 
  10. How will you help us promote our business?
    We can help raise your profile among international trade executives, in part by listing your company by category online on our Member Directory, along with a link to your site. Businesses that invest at the Alliance Partner and Champion Member levels will receive additional recognition and visibility. Additionally, through our research we can recommend the right market and the right market entry strategy for you to help you grow beyond your domestic market.