Expert advice to help you import and export

If you are trying to initiate – or expand – your presence in international markets, you need answers to questions such as:

  • What are the best export markets for my product and service?
  • What is the best market entry strategy for those markets?
  • How do I navigate complex new trade processes?
  • Is my company compliant with applicable export/import rules and regulations?
  • How do I integrate international expansion into a long-term growth strategy?

At World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara, we can help you answer those questions with our international business consulting services. You will receive up to 10 hours of complimentary trade consulting services just for joining World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara. After that, matching funds may even cut your consulting fees in half. These complimentary and discounted rates are a major benefit when you become a member of World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara.

For more information about our international trade consulting services (including international marketing,product sourcingmarket research and export compliance), please call toll free 1-877-WTC-INTL (982-4685) or email